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The Vizsla Club of Colorado supports Vizsla Rescue.

Colorado/Wyoming Vizsla Rescue Group, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation officially formed in 2005 by Rita Prindle.

While reputable breeders are always ready to take back a Vizsla that does not work out in a family, all too often people buy a Vizsla from a non-reputable breeder. Then after the cute puppy stage has passed and they realize that they can’t cope with the energy level or they decide the dog is no longer convenient to their family structure, they take the dog to a shelter or surrender it to Vizsla Rescue. Sometimes Vizslas are found abandoned and struggling to survive on their own.

Rescue works quickly to take possession of any Vizsla left in a shelter or abandoned. There are volunteers who travel many miles in Kansas, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Colorado to pick up Vizslas and deliver them to a foster home or sometimes to a veterinarian for medical help. Once the Vizsla is in a foster home, the foster family works with the dog to correct any bad habits, care for any medical needs, and train the dog to be ready to go to a forever home. When the dog is ready, he is matched with a pre-qualified home that has applied to receive a rescue dog. Much time and consideration is given to making a good match so that the dog does not need to be rehomed yet again. Volunteers visit families who have made application to assure that they will provide a good home for a Vizsla. 

It is an incredible service that Vizsla Rescue performs. To learn more about them, go to their web site.   Colorado/Wyoming Vizsla Rescue Group 

 Consider volunteering some of your time to help the breed. 

VCC club member and board member, Valerie Layman with her two adopted Vizslas, Holly and Noah.
Noah made friends quickly with Sasha.